7 Tips Entrepreneurs Use To Fight Fear Of Failure

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Everyone I have ever talked to that is an entrepreneur has had to come face to face with their fear of failure. I have had to as well. I want to share with you some of the techniques that I have used to face them. The first step is not to be in denial. You have fears even if you don’t readily acknowledge them.
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Nowadays, everyone you talk to is an “entrepreneur”…and more than likely they have had to at one point or another…face their fears. I actually have had to do this recently.  Allow me to share with you a variety of tips and techniques that I have used to face them head on. The first thing you should do is not to be in denial. Let’s face it…we all have fears even though we don’t readily acknowledge them.  They generally take the form of loud chatter within our already busy brains and sometimes talk us out of a great idea.

Fear is such a colossal issue preventing people from becoming entrepreneurs. I actually have heard from a mentor and CEO of a real-estate based marketing company that regardless of the people packing out company seminars, maybe only 2-5% of people will actually leave and apply the knowledge that they learned.  He’s convinced that the rest are paralyzed by fear. Think about…how many Gary Vee videos have you watched and he lays out the game plan that can increase your business…and you yes you…do nothing with the information.  Which is why he provides the information for free.

Here are 7 tips I implemented as I learned them from the entrepreneurs that I know and have been mentored by:

Think about what you’re doing

Once you find yourself spinning the wheels in your mind repeatedly about your worst case scenario, come up with a plan, refocus and redirect your energy to a more positive result. Visualize yourself obtaining that positive result or what has been challenging you. See the new house. See yourself closing more deals in your business. Like Earl Nightingale says: “We become what we think about”

Change the voice 

When that voice in your head speaks and the verbiage is negative and you catch yourself saying things like: “You’ll never be good enough”, “That will never work”, “You’re going to fail” and etc.  Just change the voice from yours to something silly like a cartoon character, a comedian or something you feel holds little weight with you anyway! Who cares if a make believe character thinks you’re not good enough? Are they entrepreneurs?  The main focus is to trick the mind and redirect positive self-talk into your subconscious. 

Find a trusted friend or associate

Hopefully you’ve been able to find some level of support from other entrepreneurs. If possible, you have a spouse or close friend that supports you. If not, then you need to have some type of  support network built and there are several ways to do this today. You can join a facebook group, find like minded people on Meetup.com, find events in your area and attend them for networking and etc.  Most of the options you will find are free so there is no excuse. 

Many people that know you personally, will not understand why you don’t think you are good enough. Luckily for me, my mentors have been a valuable source of support and resource.  However, don’t expect your initial doubter to change their minds until your idea has flourished and taken off. Most of them are battling with the idea of someone being crazy enough to start their own thing, but then again being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone.  

Create personal development resource library 

I draw tremendous support from my library. It’s not just full books, tutorials and other resources, it also contains stories of others who conquered their fears. I couldn’t begin to list the extensive amount of  resources i’ve complied, but if you contact me I can provide recommendations based on your circumstances.

Just do it 

Sometimes just making the tiniest step will help get you going enough that the fear of not doing something will fade away.  An example of this would be neglecting to write the articles that we publish like this one out of the fear of failure. Just starting it can create enough momentum for you to complete the task.  

When we created this company there was a lingering fear of failure in the back of my mind. To combat that feeling, I just started small, built a page here, created some graphics there and a month later I had a completed website.  Even on days I did not feel like working, I cracked my computer open, threw on a podcast and got to work. Just do it.

Visualize the result, but make the action the goal 

There’s a conflict of interest here for the entrepreneur.  I understand that your businesses success is based on results, but maybe that’s not in your direct control. Visualize making it to the finish line, but make your goal the consistent action. The action will eventually produce the result and you will certainly achieve that goal.  It never fails, consistent behavior produces consistent results…good or bad.

Never, ever quit 


I hate to even use that q word. If you’re going to quit, you are definitely not built to be an entrepreneur.  The road to success for an entrepreneur is not straight and definitely comes with obstacles and unexpected hurdles – otherwise you’re not beaten, you’re moving ahead!

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