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Read how we helped Maid Snappy launch their startup and disrupt the home service industry.  


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February, 2018

Check it out longer active)


Maid Snappy was created to make the process of booking your next house cleaning simple and quick.  The process of booking a house keeper can be a long drawn out process, Maid Snappy wanted to eliminate the fluff.

Our approach to their Digital Strategy was to utilize the power of social media and grow their audience thru building content for facebook and instagram. This was not the normal for this industry so we were able to establish a digital footprint which leaked over to platforms like Yelp, Thumbtack and Google My Business.

Maid Snappy

The Solution.

We Brand Culture assisted them with everything from building out the complete website, integrating a custom booking system, B2C communication, PPC, social media marketing, reputation management, graphic design, apparel design and more.

Maid Snappy

The most important piece of this business was the booking system.  The booking system was creating and optimized for the customers experience.  We wanted a way that would allow customers to book a cleaning and know exactly what the price was with no hidden fees.

How we set it up...

Powerful Online Booking

Clients book an appointment directly on their website without needing to contact them first.

Maid Snappy
Maid Snappy

Online Payments

Pre-authorize credit cards and charge when service is completed

Real Time Availability

We allowed clients can see your availability in real time and schedule service without calling customer service.

Maid Snappy
Maid Snappy

Multiple Ways To Offer Pricing

We gave them them multiple ways to offer various pricing options: 

    • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    • Hourly
    • Square feet/meters
    • Custom pricing for special cases

Reduced No Shows

Automatic text and email reminders are sent to clients before each job.

Maid Snappy
Maid Snappy

Customer Feedback After Each Job

Clients are sent an email after every job that asks them to rate their experience.  This helps you check if every client is happy without having to remember to follow-up with them one-by-one.

The Activity.

We Brand Culture worked with Maid Snappy to ensure the web application was built with the user in mind.  User experience was top priority, we created PPC campaigns with conversion focus landing pages that turned visitors into recurring customers.  The home page was built with a integrated slider that generated a flat rate price based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

We Brand Culture offered advice and guidance on creating an effective local business marketing strategy.  This strategy allowed them to make their mark in the area they serviced and apply pressure to the bigger more established competitors in the area.  Social media was utlized and allowed Maid Snappy to reach potential clients that they normally would not reach.

Maid Snappy

The Results.

Maid Snappy successfully launched their business with a fully developed marketing plan in place.  Using the web application developed by We Brand culture, Maid Snappy was able to disrupt the home services industry in the Central Arkansas area.  By eliminating the need for someone to physically provide a quote, they were able to quickly acquire customers and keep them as recurring customers.  

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